Kathleen Larocca


Fiber Art, Pottery

Kathy has always enjoyed creating and has explored many different art forms from an early age including sketching and painting. She is mainly inspired by nature, and her work is influenced by the shapes, colors, and motion of the natural world. She finds inspiration in natural objects such as botanical forms, shells, and fossils.

As a young woman, while attending classes at NYIT, Kathy found her passion in animation. Subsequently, she worked at several studios in Manhattan and worked on a variety of projects including movies, TV commercials, and animation shorts. She then moved to California where she worked in the inking department at Hannah Barbara Studio, Burbank. While there she worked on classic cartoons such as The Flintstones and Scooby Doo.

Upon moving back to New York, Kathy opened her own business called ‘Wrap It Up’ where she personalized gift items for a variety of ages. While raising two daughters, Kathy continued to create, making and selling jewelry and incorporating natural stones with a variety of metals. She also shares her artistic drive with her girls, showing them how art and being creative can enrich one’s life. More recently, Kathy has found her new passion in clay. She now mainly creates ceramic art, with emphasis on creating pieces that capture the beauty of nature. Kathy finds joy in creating ceramic art, which she feels is a never ending learning process, and place to grow and evolve as an artist.