Libby Hintz




The colors, the textures, and all the choices, all were what led me to want to create mosaics. I’ve always been drawn to mosaic artwork wherever I have gone. In churches, on buildings, in the subways, in ballparks, in bathrooms, on tables and vases; I would wander over to anything that had mosaics on them and just stare and wonder about the person who put all those pieces together; what were they thinking about, what was their original design, did they have fun, what was their intention?

Allowing something beautiful to be created from the materials on hand such as tile, stained glass, plates, shells, fossils, rocks, pebbles, and beads is the most exciting part.

It’s the process that I find to be stimulating and relaxing at the same time. I don’t really think about anything else while I’m working. My mind becomes quiet and I become open. Making a mosaic is meditative as well as creative.