Linda Purrazzella

Linda Purrazzella



Having lived in Rome, Italy for almost a decade, I found myself surrounded by mosaics, an unspoken part of the city. People would pass by and even walk on beautiful examples of cut stone walkways and patterned walls, extraordinary works of art, taking them for granted, not fully appreciating the effect this art form had on the city. 

My love of mosaics was first inspired by my Sicilian roots as I was taken by my parents to ancient sites in Sicily, such as Monreale Cathedral in Palermo, where the walls and floors were covered with thousands of exquisite tiny pieces of smalti glass as well as in Piazza Amerina, in the center of Sicily, where some of the best preserved mosaic floors can be found.

Drawn to forms inspired by nature, mosaic allows me to explore works that are compositions in contrast. The contrast between values of light and dark, size, and textures of materials such as stone and glass are combined into motifs that explore observations found in natural patterns. My love of attention to detail, pattern and texture finds form through mosaics. Trained as a surface pattern designer with a BFA from Syracuse University, I had worked in the home furnishings industry for over twenty-five years in home textiles and product design development, as a freelance textile and graphic designer and a Long Island public school art teacher.

Following a long tradition initiated by many legendary artists who came here to the East End of Long Island intrigued by the light and water, my art form finds similar sources of inspiration in the ocean, beaches, bays, farmlands and vineyards that surround me.

I opened an online shop in 2012, where I have a venue to create and sell a variety of functional objects to bring a touch of shimmer to people’s homes + gardens. I continually build on the mosaic process via professional mosaic workshops and am a proud to be a member of the Society of Professional Mosaic Artists as well as Women Sharing Art.

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