Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli


Capturing visual images of experiences I have in the natural world has been important to me ever since I received my first Brownie Box Camera as a child. Over the years I have lived a blessed life… wonderful and loving family and friends, I’ve been able to travel and have enjoyed living in a part of the country that affords me unlimited opportunities to explore visual imagery through the photographic image. For me, creating an image captures time.

Photography has always been part of my life and life’s memories live on through my photographs. In our family we have albums full of images, moments in time captured for a ‘walk down memory lane’ whenever we desire. Photography has also played a significant part in my professional career; I have used photos to initiate conversations with adult stroke victims – often discussions which began with pictures of their past, put them back on the road to their future.

Today, pictures, drawings and photographic images are an integral part of the learning experience in my classroom. My creative talents, coupled with my skill as a speech and language pathologist, unleash and enhance the learning process for my students; young and old, alike.

As I consider my personal voyage through time, I realize that my photographic aptitude and skill has matured as I have as a woman. Women Sharing Art enables me to nurture my passion and this is just what we women do best – nurture.