Margaret Henning

Margaret Henning


My journey with making art began almost 9 years ago while recuperating from a serious illness.    

I was invited to take an art class from a local artist and that was the beginning of this wonderful part of my new life as an artist.  I expanded my education to online classes and lessons from a local artist which broadened my outlook and sparked a talent which was never explored.  Every medium that I work with seems to push me further in my interest to keep learning and painting.  The creative process is an intrinsic part of my life that I cannot live without.

Abstraction has opened my eyes to color, line, space and texture and has brought me to a new level as a painter.  At this point in my life, I cannot imagine how I had ever lived without expressing the art from within me for all of these years.  I look forward to many, many more years of experimentation, learning and painting to become the best artist I can be.

When I start out on a painting, I use texture and color very randomly.    It is never my intention to know what the outcome will be with the first layers of paint.  Somehow, the paint, marks, and layers tell me what it wants to become.

I am influenced by water scenes, natural formations, flowers and natural colors.  I am usually in a somewhat peaceful and Zen-like trance when I am engrossed in my painting.  Most of the time when a painting is pleasing to the eye, I step back and stop.  It is not that clear all of the time but I strive for that place whenever I pick up my paint brush.

Art is subjective but it is my hope that the viewer of my art will walk away with a sense of calm and enjoyment.