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Mary Bonardi-Sullivan



Painting is a way for an artist to create and express oneself, but for me it is often also a meditative experience. Though it is common for me to have three or four paintings going at one time, hopping back and forth to each one so that I may keep a fresh eye, I still often get lost in the serenity of the creative experience.

I rarely set up a still life, opting instead to draw inspiration by selecting scenes of daily life as my subject. I do this by recognizing the ready-made still lifes provided by familiar settings – quiet little moments that people might otherwise not notice. If we only stop and take in these little moments of life, we might see that what may seem mundane at first glance is often quite inspiring and beautiful.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to paint and draw. My earliest inspirations came from my aunt and uncle, who were both professional artists. With my mother and father’s encouragement, I received my first formal art instruction at St. Joseph’s Convent during middle school, and continued studies there through High School. I attended Southampton LIU and worked primarily in oil paint. After graduating college with a BS in Art Education, I began my 33-year Art teaching career in the Brentwood Public School District on Long Island, NY. I retired in 2019, energized and excited to begin a new career in the art world.

Although I began my painting career in oils, I now prefer to work primarily in watercolors and gouache.

I split my time between the North shore of Long Island, New York  and the coast of Downeast Maine.

I am a member of the American Watercolor Society and the New England Watercolor Society. I also operate Mill Creek Studio Maine, where I create hand carved embellished folk-art fish and whales out of found objects.