sheri berman

Sheri Berman


Collage, Fiber Art, Pottery

Since I was a child, I have been making things with my hands.  My grandmother and mother taught me to embroider, knit and crochet.  My own forays into the world of artistic expression range from original needlepoint, batik and sweaters, to fabric embellishment, collage, interior design and photography.  As an untrained artist, I needed to explore many media before finding what really called to me.

Around 2007 my hands found clay.  From the beginning, there was something about “playing with mud” that I was drawn to.  I loved the feel of the clay in my hands and its plasticity was instantly intriguing.  I needed to learn more and I’ve been experimenting ever since.  My work in the medium has been a process fired by curiosity and the desire to grow.  My inspiration comes from 19th century Japanese patterns which I have loved for many years.  This art form accounts for my fascination with surface design and a variety of textured patterns on each piece.  As with all artistic creation, my work with clay is an ever-evolving process.  Seeing where it takes me is very exciting indeed!

Besides working in ceramics, I am an ever-creating collage artist and avid photographer.  I have won 4 awards for my work in the North Shore Hospital Photography Contest and have exhibited at The Arts Council of Long Island and Bayard Cutting Arboretum. I exhibited pottery and photographs at the Half Hollow Hills Library in 2016.  I have also sold embellished fabric designs in Soho and one-of-a-kind sweaters to private buyers.

By profession, I am a retired Spanish teacher.