Tove Abrams

Tove Hasselriis Abrams


I have loved photography since shooting with a Brownie Hawkeye since the age of nine. Now I photograph the natural world with my digital Canon camera-and my Galaxy cell phone. For 33 years I have principally been a videographer, with a business specializing in event and performance videography ( With the advent of HD-SLR cameras, shooting video and photos can be done together-with interchangeable lenses to suit the occasion! I studied nature photography at Cornell, and I am a member of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and the Nature and Wildlife Photographers of Long Island.

I graduated Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Originally pursuing research for muscular dystrophy, I changed careers-and began my involvement with video in 1984.  My path since then has been a varied one. I have shot and edited many weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, musical concerts and tours, stand-up comics and actresses in New York City, business and sports demos, and many more unusual events.  I have always tried to incorporate my musical performance expertise into my video work. Then I expanded my “Memories in Motion” concept to “Memories in Motion and Stills”, to include the production of “CHRONICLES” (personal/family histories and experiences), and my love of photography into the business (along with many types of transfer and duplication services).  I was honored by Islip Township for Outstanding Achievement in Performing Arts during Women’s History Month in 1987. I have also sat on

the Board of the Islip Arts Council (and the Art and Music committees). I started my art “career” with crayons at the age of three. I still use crayons (and “hot encaustics”) and have worked with many types of art media through the years, settling on oil paints at the present time. I am a member of the Art League of Long Island, and have had both my photography and oil paintings on display in ALLI exhibitions. Recently I had a month-long exhibition of both my art and photography at the Sayville Library.

There is a long history of artists in my family, and I try my best to hold up this tradition!