11/18 – 12/18/2023 – Ten WSA Members donated art for the Long Island Maritime Museum fundraiser “Art from the Wreckage”

Congratulations to -13- generous WSA Members
who stepped up to support the
LIMM fundraiser
“Art from the Wreckage”
by creating one-of-a-kind art!

Rose Ann Albanese, Victoria Beckert, Mireille Belajonas,
Judith Caseley, Pauline Chiarelli, Bernice Corbin,
Teresa Cromwell, Arlene Gernon,
Diane Keil, Patricia Lind-Gonzalez, Terry Lister,
Tracy Mahler-Tekverk, Mary Jane Stevens


Exhibition and Sale continue from November 18th to Monday, December 18th, 2023.


Long Island Maritime Museum, 88 West Avenue, West Sayville, New York 11796

“Art from the Wreckage” Exhibition Description: Link


WSA was able to contribute heavily to this LIMM fundraiser where 100% of all proceeds is donated to the Long Island Maritime Museum.   Congratulations to Pauline Chiarelli whose 2 original shingles and 1 photo at the Museum were purchased at the full bid price during this event.  One of the buyer’s purchases was a surprise.  Frank F. Penney’s grand-daughter, who lives out of state, was following the Exhibit online.  She committed to purchasing not one but two of Pauline Chiarelli’s “Art from the Wreckage” projects at the full bid price.  What a wonderful commitment to the LIMM fundraiser and for Pauline, a great honor!


Congratulations to all our WSA Artists for donating their art to LIMM!












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