6/2 – 7/2/2023 WSA Member Carol McMahon exhibiting at “All in the Family”, Port Jefferson Village Center

“Family Farm House, New Castle West, Ireland” by Carol McMahon

“This particular show is for artists who have a family member who is also artistic to show how artistic talent runs in families. It is my most requested show; artists really look forward to it every year. Many contact me and ask when I will be having it,” said Gay Gatta, the exhibit’s organizer and curator.

Congratulations to

Carol McMahon

The “All in the Family” theme provided a wonderful opportunity for Carol to exhibit with her sister Janet Friia, both exhibiting their pencil drawings reflecting their respective travels to Ireland and their deep Irish heritage.

LOCATION:  Port Jefferson Village Center, 101 East Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY – 2nd Floor

TBR News Article regarding this exhibit:  LINK


Congratulations Carol!












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