Julianna Kirk is on a creative roll!

Julianna has been busy, with not much else to do, submitting and hoping for show involvements during the last 6 months. While constantly working on art, she has luckily reaped the rewards of keeping active in the art world that she knows.


The Huntington Arts Council show, Mirror Mirror, accepted Julianna Kirk’s global warming piece, Powerless Indra. It is in the gallery for viewing 11/13-12/19. Stop in and see!

Powerless Indra by Julianna Kirk


Smithtown Arts Council is showing Celebrating Creativity from 11/7-12/19. It is a physical exhibit and stopping by to view the works in person is an added joy.  Julianna has two pieces in collage on the walls: Sea of Uncertainty and Get Me Out of Here.

Sea of Uncertainty by Julianna Kirk


Get Me Out of Here by Julianna Kirk


Gallery North is hosting their annual Deck The Halls holiday show. All works are for sale. Those dates are 11/12- 12/22. Stop in for looking and purchasing for the holidays. Julianna has 2 glass pieces included: Red Flower and Poppy Platter.

Red Flower by Julianna Kirk


Red Platter by Julianna Kirk


B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington has asked Julianna to place her jewelry in their cabinets for consignment. She has many necklaces and earrings in their case for sale. The gallery is open from Wednesdays through Sundays 11:00 – 5:00.

Aztech pendant by Julianna Kirk


Banded cloisonné by Julianna Kirk


Peacock Feather by Julianna Kirk


Silver Foil necklace by Julianna Kirk


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