Scholarships & Grants


Since 2011, Women Sharing Art, Inc. has given $1,000 in scholarship money each year to promising female high school seniors who show a depth and breadth of art medium mastery as well as those who want to continue on with an art education. Women Sharing Art, Inc. chooses from a pool of female artists that have applied to the BAFFA (Bay Area Friends of Fine Arts) show in April of each year through their high school art teachers.  Prior to 2015, SBAA (South Bay Art Association) held a similar process in the fall where Women Sharing Art, Inc. would choose recipients from their pool of applicants.

  • 2024: Vivian Castelli (Longwood High School); Vita Mazza (Bay Shore High School); Kathryn Wood (Bellport High School) and Amira Hussein (Bellport High School) - winner of the Fifth Annual Pat D'Aversa Photography Scholarship
  • 2023: Madeline Day (Bellport High School); Kristina Mancuso (Patchogue-Medford High School);  Nikki Hirschkind (Bellport High School) - Pat D'Aversa Photography Scholarship
  • 2022: Deborah An (Commack High School); Maria Bazilevskaya (Longwood High School); Giavanna Zavala (Bayport-Blue Point High School) and Vivienne Love (Bellport High School), winner of the Third Annual Pat D'Aversa Photography Scholarship
  • 2021: Amanda Campbell (Sachem); Fatima Gonzalez (Sachem); Nicolette Surgit (Commack); and Wahca Waste Win McNeil (William Floyd), winner of the Second Annual Pat D'Aversa Photography Scholarship
  • 2020: Ava Deliapi (Bayport-Blue Point); Cristi Sica (William Floyd); Tia Foster-Licalzi (William Floyd); Erika Vallance (Sachem); Gabriella Mancuso (Commack) and Courtney Gerard (South Country), winner of the First Annual Pat D'Aversa Photography Scholarship
  • 2019:  BAFFA: Stephanie Shanley - (William Floyd); Caroline Slovensky - (Bellport)
  • 2018: BAFFA:  Jennifer Suarez (William Floyd);  Oznur Ayyildiz (William Floyd);  Sophia Denaro (Sayville); Winnie Lu (Sachem North)
  • 2017: BAFFA: Taylor West (Sachem), Elizabeth Acierno (Sayville) & Jillian DeCamio (Sayville)
  • 2016: BAFFA: Jessica Cipp (Bellport), Paige Liskiewicz (Sayville)
  • 2015: BAFFA: Jamie Clifton (Bellport)
  • 2014: SBAA: Samantha Struzzieri (Smithtown)  BAFFA: Daniela Gallego (Brentwood), Casey Leach (Bellport)
  • 2013: SBAA: Elizabeth Galian (Bayport Blue Point), Daniela Gallego (Brentwood)  BAFFA: Meagan Mulry (Sayville), Alissa Naer (Sachem East)
  • 2012: SBAA: Lorelai Olk (Sayville), Madison Weisman (Northport)  BAFFA: Kristin Sabatino (Sachem)
  • 2011: SBAA: Raissa Oliveira-Silva (Commack)  BAFFA: Alicia Blumenthal (Bellport)


In 2017, Women Sharing Art, Inc. began awarding a total of $1,000 a year in grants to members of its organization to further their artistic exploration and education.

Below are articles and information about our Scholarship recipients from prior years:

Suffolk County News: 2022 WSA Scholarship News

Women Sharing Art is excited to announce that Giavanna Zavala, one of our 2022 WSA Scholarship Recipient, celebrated the sale of her artwork! The WSA Student Scholarship Winners were: Deborah...
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Scholarship Recipients 2020

Women Sharing Art Inc. is proud to award scholarships to six recent high school graduates at an outdoor ceremony at the Common Ground in Rotary Park, Sayville on August 11....
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2019 Scholarship Recipients

Women Sharing Art, Inc. is proud to announce the recipients of our 2019 High School Student Scholarships. Caroline Slovensky of Bellport Senior High School and Stephanie Shanley of William Floyd...
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2017 Women Sharing Art Scholarship Winners Announced at Artists’ Reception

The 2017 Student Scholarhip Winners were presented at the Artists' Reception for "Arboretum Inspirations" by Women Sharing Art Inc. These students were chosen at the BAFFA Student Invitational Art Exhibit...
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“Arboretum Inspirations”: Women Sharing Art Scholarship Winners at Bayard Cutting Arboretum

At the close of the "Arboretum Inspirations" exhibit at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum two high school students were presented their scholarships by Women Sharing Art Inc. Congratulations to Jessica Cipp...
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Scholarship Winner at SBAA’s 27th Student Scholarship Art Exhibit

At the SBAA (South Bay Art Association's) 27th Student Scholarship Art Exhibit, Women Sharing Art was proud to present Samantha Struzzieri of Smithtown High School one of our two Annual...
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2013 Women Sharing Art Scholarship Winners

Two high School senior applicants were selected to receive scholarships presented by Women Sharing Art, Inc. at the Annual BAFFA Student Invitational Art Exhibit in April. The award is given...
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Student Scholarship at South Bay Art Association’s 25th Nita Elder Student Scholarship Art Exhibit

Women Sharing Art is proud to have participated in the South Bay Art Association's 25th Nita Elder Student Scholarship Art Exhibit, November 16-18. 2012 at the Bellport Community Center, Bellport,...
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Our First Annual Student Scholarship Winner

Women Sharing Art, Inc. is pleased to announce the winner of the First Annual Student Scholarship. Fundraising events by Women Sharing Art members has made possible this monetary award to...
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