Celebrate St. James Art Gallery

6/30 – 7/16/2024 WSA Members Bernice Corbin and Kathy Brown selected for the Juried Exhibit “Beauty” at Celebrate St. James

Women Sharing Art, Inc. is delighted to announce members Kathy Brown and Bernice Corbin were selected for the Juried Exhibition "Beauty" at Celebrate St. James "Twilight...
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2/25 – 3/2024 WSA Member Bernice Corbin exhibiting at Celebrate St. James, “LOVE” Exhibition

    * * * * * Congratulations to WSA Member Bernice Corbin for being selected in the Juried Art Exhibit Celebrating "LOVE" at Celebrate St. James, The St. James...
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1/14 – 2/10/2024 WSA Member Bernice Corbin selected for the juried exhibit The Art Gallery at Celebrate St. James

"Last Rose" by Bernice Corbin Join us in Congratulating WSA Member Bernice Corbin for being selected to exhibit in The Artists Choice Exhibit  at The Art...
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